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How to Talk with Your Child about Tragedy and Traumatic Events

December 21, 2012

What an emotionally complex time this is! The joy and numerous activities of the holidays. The tragic mass shooting and suicide in Connecticut. How to feel emotionally? Is it okay to feel love and joy when other parents are struggling with the grief of losing their child? This is not something you can sort out […]

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Are You Missing Out on Heart-Felt Appreciation from Your Child?

November 2, 2012

Almost every parent I talk with in depth admits they don’t feel appreciated by their child. Parents of young children don’t expect appreciation, believing their youngster is incapable of such awareness. Parents of teens hate the lack of appreciation they receive for all they’ve done and are continuing to do for their adolescent, yet it […]

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This is Not Cute!

September 14, 2012

~ Personal note from Connie I hope you and your family are doing wonderfully! On Monday Doug and I trailered our horses to Sam McDonald County Park, my favorite place to ride. It was a warm, sunny day, perfect for a ride. One of our favorite trails goes down the ridge through lush vegetation, a […]

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Another School Shooting…Are You Paying Attention?

March 13, 2012

Recently in Ohio, another tragic high school shooting occurred, and the unhappy, struggling 17-year-old who did the killing will likely be tried as an adult. So many young lives cut short including the shooter’s. Everyone is in pain. An entire community feels the loss. Prosecutors tend to demonize the perpetrators of school shootings in the […]

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How Children Learn Best

May 13, 2011

I had my 3-year-old grandson Sebastian here this week for our usual Tuesday time together. I always enjoy watching his enthusiasm to explore and create. As I observed and played with him, I discovered something interesting about what he does when he creates, aka plays. We have a rich variety of cool stuff at our […]

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Children Get Smarter with Video Games

May 2, 2011

My thirty-something son Orion has played video games for many years, perhaps as many as 25; and he loves them. He’s often gravitated toward the violent ones, in which he competes against other players to see who goes down first or who makes it to the end first. I’ve never worried about him becoming violent […]

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