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Lessons from the Ranch

Horse Time in Nature

September 8, 2009

Here's some photos of our fantastic recent horse camping trip at Jack Brook Horse Camp at San Mateo County's Pescadero Creek County Park. We all four LOVE being here. They only have eyes for one thing–dinner!       My favorite point of view          

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Ranch Kitties Need a Loving Home

July 3, 2008

These four adult kitties need loving homes as soon as possible. They are all very friendly, and I believe will do wonderfully as house kitties. They would probably prefer an indoor – outdoor lifestyle. There are also some other adult cats at the ranch that are striped or black that are tame and need homes […]

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Sebastian Meets the Horses

March 3, 2008

We recently took our five-month-old grandson Sebastian out to the ranch to meet our two horses Destiny and Echo. It was a major photo opportunity! Nichola and I were "all over" every beautiful photo. Here are some I like that she and I took. We feel blessed to have such a loving connection with Orion […]

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The “Right” Attitude

December 3, 2007

Doug and I share the responsibility of caring for our horses Destiny and Echo. I take the morning shift and Doug the evening shift on his way home. Every morning I put them in a round pen or the arena so they can have some exercise, clean their stalls, make sure they have water, and […]

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Magnificence Beneath the Surface

September 11, 2007

We have an older kittie at the ranch where we board our horses whom I’ve named Sandy. We know nothing about her history, but she has been at the ranch since we arrived 5 years ago. She’s very friendly and has a timeless, ageless quality about her. She’s a basic looking cat with all the […]

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Brick by Brick, Step by Step

September 7, 2007

In the last couple of weeks, my husband Doug and I laid 1300 bricks in our front yard as part of our landscaping project. 1300 bricks weigh about 9000 pounds and we handled each brick three or more times. That’s a lot of weight lifting! We were amazed how easily and effortlessly we handled so […]

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