What is Your Appreciation Quotient?

by Connie Allen on November 8, 2012

I spent much of yesterday developing the content for my soon-to-be-released video series “How to Foster Heart-Felt Appreciation, Politeness, and Kindness in Your Child.” I am SO EXCITED to be sharing this information with you! I can hardly contain myself! :)

I’ve been wanting to share this easy, effective approach with your for quite a while. I feel so good to be putting it into a format I think you’ll like and that will get you results you want. I’m even including an extra video that is focused specifically on developing heart-felt appreciation in tweens and teens.

Plus I’m including a special one-time bonus for those who take action early. I’ll tell you all about it next week so watch for my email.

Happy trails!

To your Joyous Family!


New Video: What is Your Appreciation Quotient?

Heart-felt appreciation is one of the most joyous feelings I know. It is the feeling of being amazingly, delightfully blown away by who someone is or something they do.

Sometimes people call it gratitude. I personally like ‘appreciation.’ This joyous feeling is good for your child and good for you.

In today’s video, I share a story about my experience being appreciative that will inspire you to have more. Plus you’ll see where so many of us fall short of what is possible.

What is your Appreciation Quotient?

What do you most appreciate in your life right now? How does it make you feel? Let me know in Comments below.

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